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Circus Tent Sessions

Live, acoustic music videos is what we do.

Live session featuring Free Dirt recording artist Ric Robertson and his song ‘Thinkin’ About You’ along with Aaron Lipp at his Temple Cabin Studios. We’re honored that this capture was highlighted on NPR music!
Raedwald Howland-Bolton session at Cornell University campus.
Max Flansburg and band in a live session in collaboration with Temple Cabin Studios.

Introducing Circus Tent Records

The first album on our record label is available now. Contact us to order a copy. We captured the amazing Raedwald Howland-Bolton delivering a live performance last year and released it on our very own label, Circus Tent Records. Expect more in the future including a long-term project capturing ‘The Clawhammer Banjo Sounds of Rochester, NY’.

Green Heron’s ‘Feet on the Floorboards’ is out now.

We set up the Circus Tent Studio and recorded this charming collection of homemade songs and tunes right in the duo’s very own living room.

Folk Horror blog hails it as “the old style Country/Bluegrass sound.”


Albums we’ve recorded over the years. Click a record to listen or purchase.