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“That banjo attraction and his continuing passion for music has people shaking and moving to American roots music.”

— D.E. Bentley, Owl Light News

Clawhammer Banjo

I am obsessed with all things clawhammer. It’s an expressive style whose beauty is a consequence of its limitations. No two clawhammer banjo players sound quite the same because the technique naturally lends itself to the player’s individuality. It’s percussive, it’s melodic, it’s worldly, and it’s versatile. I have won or placed in several banjo contests including the 2022 Online Old Time Banjo Contest (judged by Adam Hurt, Rachel Eddy, and Cathy Fink), GrassRoots 2016, Northeast Fiddlers Convention 2019, and Oldtone 2019 playing the clawhammer style. If you want to learn more about this incredible banjo tradition, please do get in contact.


Music Camps, Folk Festivals, Guest Lessons, Winter Retreats… I have taught fun banjo workshops in all of these contexts. I like to focus on simple ideas that students can go deep with like rhythm, communication, phrasing, etc. Here are some sample workshops I’ve taught in the past:

Beginner Clawhammer Banjo: “Slow and in the Flow” – learn how incorporating slow practice can help your playing blossom. How to ACTUALLY use a metronome and focus on groove.

Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo: “The Language of Music” – Learn how musicians are constantly speaking to each other and how you can join the conversation.

Advanced Clawhammer Banjo: “The Role of the Banjo” – In the modern old time string band, the fiddle plays the melody, the bass booms, and the guitar chucks. But what does the banjo do? Learn about the great power and great responsibility we share as banjo players.


In Person Lessons: I have taught clawhammer banjo lessons in the Rochester, NY area since 2015 and I have taught on the faculty at the Hochstein school of music and dance. If you are in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area and want to learn clawhammer banjo, please contact me.

Custom Lesson Videos: I like to make ~15 minute videos teaching a specific element of playing clawhammer, music theory, or a tutorial of a tune I play. It’s up to you what you’d like to see a lesson video about. Reasonable prices, roughly what I would charge for an in-person lesson. I like to meet folks where they’re at on their personal banjo quest, and I tend to focus on skills pertaining to groove, rhythm, playing by ear, and playing with others. I love that the clawhammer banjo can be incredibly rhythmic or incredibly melodic, or both at the same time. Check out these video playlists on this page if you’d like to learn more about the clawhammer style or if you’d like to really dive into your rhythm practice.

If you’d like your own custom lesson video or you’d like to book a lesson, please feel free to contact me .


Online Metronome – and check out my YouTube lessons for tips on how to use it.

Anytune – software for slowing down or changing the pitch of recordings so you can play along with them.

Native Ground Books – good clawhammer banjo arrangements for learning and tips on how to augment the tunes as your playing progresses.

Slippery-Hill – THE archive of source recordings of old fiddle tunes.

Bernunzio Uptown Music – your banjo store for anything from tuners to rare 200 year old instruments.

Video Playlists

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